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Virtual Garage Sale

Welcome to my Virtual Garage Sale! This is exactly what it sounds like: An opportunity to peek into my private life via the objects that I no longer need, but can't bring myself to throw away or give to Goodwill! Just like a real Garage Sale!

I'll try to describe things accurately (my mad eBay skillz will help), but if you want more information on any of these items, let me know! I believe the prices are fair, but there is room to haggle. When you see something you want, email me! Send it to words at this domain (if you can't figure out how to make an email address from that, you can go here).

Thanks for looking, and Good Shopping!
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Punchbowl Set. Do you have a punchbowl? If not, consider this very nice set, which includes the bowl, base, eleven cups and twelve hangers, as shown. Grapes and grape-leaf design. Comes with original box with cardboard inserts to keep it safe while stored. Box says it's a "Vintage Design" (seems like an attempt to fool the yokels into thinking it's vintage back when it was made). It's made by the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, which was founded in 1905, but I don't think this item is that old. Still, it's attractive and useful, which is more than can be said of some people I know.

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Fuji From Funatsu Yoshida Woodblock Print.I don't have a lot of artwork that's actually valuable, but this is one of the few items. If you know about Japanese woodblock prints, you've heard of Hiroshi Yoshida. I am not an expert, so that's most of what I know of it. This print is "Fuji From Funatsu," from his "Ten Views of Fuji" series (1928). Red stamp in lower right corner. Artist's signature pencilled along lower right edge. Print is 15.75" x 10.5", Frame is 20" x 14". Hiroshi Yoshida passed away in 1950 and I honestly don't expect this to jump in value, so you probably shouldn't buy it as an investment, unless it's actually a first-series original and far more valuable than I believe it to be. If you find the image appealing and would like it in your home (or you want to give it as an awesome present for a friend who is crazy about Japanese art), then you should go for it.

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Squirrel Nutcracker. Mr. Squirrel is metal, and stands about 6" tall. His tail is the lever for his nut-cracking action. He's better at looking adorable than actually cracking nuts, but he will do the job. I'd rather he went to a friend than Goodwill for sentimental reasons, so if you don't have a nutcracker and find squirrels cute, he could be yours.



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